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I Have The DAMN Plan.

I was told when I started writing The DAMN Plan that if somehow I wasn’t changed in the writing process, that my work was not done. I did not believe those early advisors, but now I can honestly tell you that the process of writing a book if you decide to write with your heart, will change you.

In the end, I wrote The DAMN Plan with my heart, telling my truth so that you, the reader, a new DAMN Planner can use it as a guide to build a business that allows you to live life on your terms. My motive went from telling my story to helping you see your story and tell your own truth. This is where the magic starts . . . with the truth.

It is my hope that The DAMN Plan will help you find the laser focus that you need to find the freedom, love and money that you deserve. What are you waiting for? Get out there and write your own DAMN Plan, work your DAMN Plan and get your damn attitude on!


Here's what people are saying...

Connie Bjerk

The Damn Plan is unlike any business book you have ever read. Kim Nagle uses humor, honesty, and a large dose of vulnerability, in her tailor made, step by step process for creating or restructuring your business for optimal success. Truly a joy to read!

Connie Bjerk

Guided Imagery Therapist, Writer, Life/Spiritual Coach, Radio and Podcast Host
Rebecca Undem

Equal parts practical workbook, a letter from your BFF, and personal development journal, 'The DAMN Plan' makes you not only believe you can start or scale your own business but that you will. Reading it will leave you saying, "Get out of my damn way! I've got work to do!"

Rebecca Undem

Author of How Mommy Got Her Groove Back, Founder of Growing Small Towns
Mark LeBlanc

If you want to create an extreme sliver of focus and get your business whipped into shape, then keep this DAMN book within arms’ reach and refer to it often. Her story is larger than life and I hope you will meet Kim one day. You will never be the same!

Mark LeBlanc

CSP Author of Defining YOU and Growing Your Business!
Deidre Hillman

The Damn Plan will transform the way you make decisions for your business from productivity to financials and everything in-between. Kim Nagle is a trusted coach and adviser by hundreds of business owners and puts it all out there in one book! This book is a game-changer!

Deidre Hillman

Entrepreneur and ND Women’s Business Center State Program Director

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