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Kim's Coaching Programs

The DAMN Plan Group Coaching
Are you ready to create your DAMN Plan?

Group coaching is a great way to begin investing in yourself and your business. The DAMN Plan™ coaching program will be different from anything you’ve experienced. We know you don’t want a generic program. You want to have your questions answered. We know that if you are investing your precious time and resources - it better be worth it.

The DAMN Plan™ coaching program is worth your time and investment.

Here’s what you can expect . . .

Each group will be as unique as the business owners who are in it. We will use The DAMN Plan™ as our guide. We will also address hot topics and problems that are relevant to the group. Let’s put it this way . . . this program is for you and your business!

Each group is intentionally set up so that we have like-minded business owners and start-ups coming together to inspire, support and push each other to be our very best.

  • We qualify all our coaching clients.
  • We meet virtually on Zoom once a week for 8-weeks.
  • Private Facebook group for clients only.
  • We customize the group to fit the group member’s needs.
  • You will have an hour private coaching session with Kim.

Your next step is to schedule a call with Kim to see if we are the right fit for you.

VIP DAMN Plan Coaching
When you invest in VIP coaching we will use The DAMN Plan™ to create your DAMN Plan. We will break-down your barriers to success so that you gain clarity and confidence, build a strategic plan, and master your mindset.

The thing that is unique about us, is that we do business by the numbers. Meaning, we will help you set up systems to help you track your numbers and make decisions, so that you can feel confident and less stressed about your finances. And be more profitable!

Our goal is to help you find freedom, love and money in your business!

Here’s what you can expect . . .

  • Our first, “get to know you session” will help me customize your coaching program. You will be given a questionnaire to complete prior to this session. I use this questionnaire to customize how we will work together. It helps me to identify pain points, business needs and goals you want to achieve.
  • Together we will develop your DAMN Plan that will be exclusively focused on you and your business, what you need right now, today, to achieve business success on your terms.
  • We will determine which coaching package meets your goals - whether it's a short term or a longer term commitment. Your initial VIP DAMN Plan coaching program will be a 3-month investment. From experience, we know that you will need time to build new habits and start seeing results.

Like all DAMN Plan coaching programs, together we will develop your skills to help you make decisions with confidence and clarity. We will give you our best - As your coach, your success is our success - it’s our job, and it’s our passion.

If you work your DAMN Plan, you will get results. We guarantee it!

Bonus for every VIP DAMN Plan Coaching Client!! We know that businesses and people change. You are affected by events and circumstances outside of your control, for this reason, VIP Private coaching is perfect. and you will have access to Kim via quick pinpoint sessions


Pam Solberg-Tapper

“Kim helped our group by sharing her real life experiences and stories regarding her business journey. She was encouraging, inspiring and lighthearted in her approach to address the important aspects in growing a business. I would recommend working with Kim to people who need direction and strategy to move their business in the right direction.”

Pam Solberg-Tapper

Co Founder, Aim High Network
Rob Aitken

I was interested in having Kim speak because she works terrifically well with our Indian Reservation-based clients on difficult business start-up matters. Kim helped our group by making financial education fun, easy and successful for our clients. What makes Kim’s (The DAMN Plan) programs different from other programs is her accessibility to clients and ability to convey complex information.

Rob Aitken

Executive Director, Leech Lake Financial Services
Rita Albrecht

Kim is a resourceful leader who is always looking for ways to connect with her audience. She asks insightful questions that help her meeting participants and clients actively engage. The biggest take away I got from working with Kim is to believe in yourself. You can do more than you think you can.

Rita Albrecht

Candidate, Minnesota Senate District 5
Christy Dauer

Kim is a passionate thinker who talks business in a relatable fashion. She has helped clients navigate through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship by sharing her story in an authentic fashion.

Christy Dauer

Program Manager, North Dakota Women’s Business Center
Deidre Hillman

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kim and hired her to speak at several of our events. Each event was different. We’ve asked Kim to tailor her approach for our clients, vary her topics and bring new tools to benefit our attendees. The reviews from our clients who attended Kim’s sessions continue to bring stellar reviews and remarks about her material. It’s always unique and up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Kim brings her “A” game every-single-time!

Deidre Hillman

Program Director North Dakota Women’s Business Center



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