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Have you ever drawn a line in the sand and said, “No more!” then moved the line?

When you decide to quit settling for less than you were made for, it is just the beginning. Whether it’s business or life, to succeed wildly on your new terms, you will need a DAMN Plan. and a DAMN attitude!

You know that running a business in the midst of your very real life is interesting – well heck, it’s a roller coaster ride in a swimming pool with freakish turns and death-defying dives! So, Kim is here to show you how to create your DAMN Plan, work your DAMN Plan and then get your DAMN attitude on and trust the process!

This is no ordinary business book. Rebecca Undem, Author and Founder of Growing Small Towns, describes it as, "Equal parts practical workbook, a letter from your BFF, and personal development journal, 'The DAMN Plan' makes you not only believe you can start or scale your own business but that you will. Kim's personal story is beautifully woven throughout this thoughtful guide to building a business (and life) on your own terms." 

Are you ready to stop moving the line in the sand and create your own DAMN Plan? Get The DAMN Plan here.

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